Imagga API
The easiest and smartest way to auto-crop your images

We can auto-crop multiple
images in different sizes,
also suggesting which
parts to crop,
you just need to
upload them!

Next step is: Defining
cropp sizes

Currently you can crop at most 5 images per day. Need more? Just Sign Up. Already have an account? Sign In.

What is is an uber cool and easy-to-use online tool for auto-cropping created by imagga.
It automatically finds the most visually appealing region in an image and
suggest the right cropping for it in the size you need.

3 reasons to love us

1. Fast online tool

no need for a desktop software anymore to crop your images!

2. Smart auto-crop selection

no need to spend time selecting what to crop - we'll do the magic for you!

3. Multiple cropps of multiple images

just select or define multiple crop targets/sizes and download all the cropped images in a .zip file!

Need more?


and upload up to
10 images at once

Need even more? See pricing.


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