Bigger image sizes, more images per batch, better subscription plans

We have exciting news to share. We’ve listened to your feedback and decided to introduce some new features and long awaited subscription plans. Now you can do more and crop faster with

Popular Social Media Image Sizes

Now it’s easier than ever to crop your images for use in social media. No need to worry about the right size for Facebook cover page, new Twitter profile picture or extra big Google cover photos. We have all the social media image sizes predefined and will keep them up to date.

Bigger Image Sizes

One of the main limitation when using the free-no-registration-required was image size. It was intended to demo Imagga’s smart cropping technology. Hundreds of people have asked to be able to magically crop bigger file sizes. Today we are introducing two subscription plans that will allow you to upload and crop images up to 10MB or 100MB accordingly.

More Images Per Batch

You want to crop bigger files and in less batches? Up to now, users were able to automatically crop up to 5 images per batch. Depending on your subscription plan now you have batches of 10 to up to 30 images.

More crops per batch

Custom Crop Ratios

All predefined social media ratios come for free in all plans. With Active User plan you get 2 extra custom crops and with Pro up to 10 custom ratios.

Always Free Basic Functionality basic functionality remains free and even without registration, as we promised. This way you can try and see if the service meets your expectations.
If you need to be a bit more productive our new subscription plans are here to help. Why don’t you give them a try and tell us what you think? – how to use it (video) has been featured in lots of blogs so far and we’ve seen people love it and write extensive reviews on how to use the tool. It’s exciting to see how much you love the tool! It’s easy to use and saves lots of time and may be money for those of you who do not want to buy expensive software as Photoshop to do some basic image editing as cropping. What makes unique is it’s ability to smartly choose the most prominent part of the image and crop around it. This makes it very convinient if you need to crop batches of images really fast and in couple of sizes.

Here’s great video tutorial on how you can use We could not make it better, thank you!

Here you can also find 5 reasons why auto cropping is awesome, enjoy! featured in tech blogs

We are pretty happy to see featured in so many tech blogs, to name a few – TheNextWeb, LifeHaker and Gizmodo. It’s been awesome month of exciting reviews and great feedback from you guys.

We are really pumped by all the media fuzz around and we are taking seriously your ideas and comments.

Due to the high traffic we did have couple of glitches. We have learned alot and now we are working hard to make the service even better.

Currently we increased the max number of images you can upload in a bach to 10 (used to be 5 images). Hope this will help you utilize the serves better.


Some great impovements

We’ve been getting lots of positive feedback and we are really thankful to all that use and love it.

We love it too that’s why we listened to your advice and made it even better. Here are some small but important improvements that we recently made:

Cover image for Facebook Timeline 

We’ve added the cover image for Facebook timeline as preset output size. We believe this will be very convenient for you to batch crop several images for cover image and quickly decide which one will be more appropriate for you to use in Facebook. It’s fun, try it out.

Edit, preview, select tools 

The preview of the cropped images is now more functional. When you hover the mouse on the cropped image previews, a set of tools will appear to help you alter the crops. The EDIT button will allow you to move and scale the cropping size and we will re-crop the image. The magnifier will do what’s expected – large PREVIEW of the cropped image. The TICK (check mark) allows you to include/exclude the crop from the batch download.

Hope you will enjoy the new and improved It’s all about functionality and great crop results – fast and accurate. Tell us what you think!?